Morecig e-cigs look and feel like a real cigarette
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Ecigs or otherwise known as electronic cigarettes and are an authentic tobacco alternative as they taste, look and feel just like smoking a real cigarette. MoreCig provide a nicotine hit, but without the tar, carbon monoxide, or thousands of additional chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. MoreCig

electronic cigarettes

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i have been smoking for many years, and have been using more cig for 2 weeks now, i must say that i have no desire to go back to smoking again, it is so easy and do not miss smoking at all well done you

I have been buying ecigarattes for a long time, annd have tried just about every kind on the market…. and some are not bad, but yours tastes like a real cigarette and has helped a lot….

Thank you very much for a fabulous product, and i will be back again…. :)

Happy Customer

You just cannot beat these buy now they are fab xx

tried these e/cigs and 4/5 other brand these came out on top,with taste,price and enjoyment.would reccomend to anybody to give them a try.

I ordered my new year starter pack and cartomisers and was amazed how good this product is,i have not smoked for 6 weeks and yesterday ordered some more cartomisers,,,,and recieved them today,amazing quick delivery,amazing product,have shown and told my friends about morecigs,,,,,excellent,,,,thankyou. has been a complete revelation for me! I’ve tried three brands and thought them all okay but Morecig is the best (best taste, FANTASTIC customer service). I can’t recommend them enough. Also, you should know that I was a 20 a day type of girl and LOVED my cigarettes. I quit a month ago by using Morecig and I doubt I’ll ever smoke a real ciggie again! Do it…

cant wait for my batch to arrive – i made contact before my order and was pleased with the level of customer service – this has been a problem ordering electronic cig supplies from other sources in the past so convinced me to try switching over

I`ve ordered the starter pack last week and I am very content. It does help a lot and it tastes very natural. I can honestly say I gave up with the help of morecig. I`d like to suggest to have an offer for regular customers for cartomizers or actually have forms for repeated orders.

Thank you!
Best regards!

Have been using this together with a smoking reducer program and have more than halved my habit within a week.I’d recommend it to anyone who struggles to give up.

Got my morecig starter pack, and i have to say its fantastic. I havent had a real cigarette in almost 3 days (not long i know) but this is just like smoking. I feel much better for using it too!

I can see me saving a fortune at this rate, and i will be back for more. Thanks

These are great not had a gag since 5th January cannot say how much money these have saved Mr thanks


what can i say these last well they do not take to long to charge

excellent value for money xx

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